Angling on Bornholm and Arnager

Bornholm is the one of the best places in Denmark when it comes to angling. All year round there is a chance to fish in either a lake, on the shore or from boats. There is a large population of true wild trout lurk on the coast with good coastal cod, and in season also herring, garfish and many other species. The benefit of fish on the island include that there is always a lee side, so wherever the wind blows, you can find fishing spots with fish.

Out on the waves Bornholm offers a unique trolling for salmon.

The Baltic Seas many cod gather around the wreckage, where they keep the feast. Every summer cruises are sailing from Hasle, and hours later returns with large cod. There are occasionally fish over 20 kg. Biggest cod landed from a summer tour boat is entire 28 kg.

If you prefer fishing in freshwaters, Bornholm offers a number of lakes. Best known is probably Hammer lake, Denmark's only mountain lake, home to a diversity of species. From 2005 the country was in a perch on the entire 2.3 kg, but also pike, eels, tench, Crucian and shells waiting in the deep water.

The Smaragds lake is a small lake with direct connection to the Baltic Sea and many trouts are caught here each year. Are you for carp fishing, there are also many good opportunities on the island.

As a guest of Arnager Badehotel you have something of the best fishing waters just outside the door.

We work with an angler's guide, Leif Nielsen, who has more than 35 years experience as an angler. You can read more on Anglingguide (OBS. on danish) where you can also book a guided tours.

In the basement is a room where you can clean your fish before you put it in the freezer, which is at your disposal.

As an angler, you also have access to hang your fishing clothes and equipment to dry in a warm room, so it it nice and dry for the next day.

If you would like to have an unique experience, you can rent a special room in the basement. In the basement there is an open fireplace, which also is designed as a grill, so if you are an angler you can grill your fish and eat it in the basement while looking into flames in the fireplace.

En unique experience